Billionaire Beauty or BB, is a British beauty marketplace.

It is a social platform focusing on the community buying & selling quality unused and new cosmetic products at affordable prices.

Benefits of BB -

  • Its free for customers and suppliers to join. We welcome individuals that may have some extra unused products, businesses, beauty enthusiasts, brands and niche boutiques.
  • Customers can also become suppliers and sell their unused beauty products.
  • Suppliers can earn extra income, utilising BB to create a beauty business.
  • Customers can purchase the same quality products, at a better prices than retailers. Purchasing from BB will mean your supporting local BB suppliers.
  • BB and the community will be supporting the British economy.
  • By using BB you're helping to be more environmentally friendly. Rather than you buying new products, you will be purchasing the same quality product that an individual may otherwise not use.
  • Unlike the generic marketplaces, BB focuses specifically on beauty products.
  • You will be able to purchase your favourite products from current trending cosmetics, Vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly products.
  • As BB is a social platform, you can build a network of beauty enthusiasts, friends and a community.
  • We offer an internal shares program. We will consistently improve the platform, whilst creating tools and products at different stages of its growth, giving the community additional benefits.

The extensive research we initiated over a period of 6 months was truly mind blowing. Over 65% of people don't use the purchased beauty product and over 80% of people, don't know what they paid for in the first place. The one that was really interesting, 90% of people brought something, due to clever marketing by big named beauty brands.

This is why Billionaire Beauty is a market place, game changer. It fully focuses on a specific idea and enables the community to interact, and develop within its user base. Keeping up to date with the latest beauty products, whilst buying and selling.

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Such fast service - thank you.

Helen about listing Jimmy Choo perfume - EDP 6 months ago.